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Linus the Lop Rabbit, the Pet of the Day
Name: Linus
Age: Six years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Lop Rabbit
Home: Siegen, Northrhine Westfalia, Germany
   It's spring time everywhere, feelings flying like pollen, making everyone feel relieved that winter is gone for now and the warmth warming their hearts.

     But to me, it will be a sad time because one of my bunnies, Linus, has got and infection at his jaw and it already reached the bone so the vet said when the infection spreads again, we'll have to lay him to sleep. He's possibly got weeks, months if a wonder happens and days in the worst case.

     He's got six children he'll leave behind but at least he'll be reunited with his wife once again.

     He's a lovely boy, always calm and relaxed bunny, we used to call him Mr. Relax when we were jounger because he just had that attitude. We bought him as a baby-bunny and as a companion to our bunny Emilia who's friend Emma had just passed away. When we bought him, we though he was a girl and called him "Lina" but then the vet discovered he wasn't a girl. And then the whole family sat together, arguing about us letting them have children or castrating him before it happens. In the end, they were allowed to have children and they got seven little guys but one of them was dead right after birth.

     Emilia took care of the rest, we had to help a little with catmilk, otherwise two of the others wouldn't be alive today but luckily they made it. And then there was that big question if we should seperate Emilia and Linus because fathers can bite their children to death, at least it frequently happens with bunnies. But I said we should let him see his children. It was so sweet, he started to lick them and guarded and warmed them, he really was a good father to them! When the house got a little crowded, we decided to move them outside (we had Emma inside since her man Emil died, because outside she would have probably died of grief and loneliness but this way she started to love us all and lick us, that was one sweet bunny. We then got Emilia and then Linus when Emma passed away from a tumor.

     It was lovely to see the bunny babies first feel grass under their paws and we created a huge place that's nearly all of the garden inside a fence where they could run around freely, and built them a big shed with five levels they can relax or run on, so I believe they had a good life with a lot of freedom. Some time later, Emilia passed away, we don't know why, she wasn't sick or anything, she just didn't wake up in the morning. Luckily, bunnies don't miss their companions for too long. And now, Linus has an infection. He's six years by now so the vet said that doing much like operating him over and over again would just cause stress, it'd be better to let him go for his sake and not be selfish to keep him in a stressful life.

     He feels no pain as he gets painkillers every day, he even seems to take a liking in them, that little junkie! It will be really sad when he goes though we at least have time to say goodbye to that little guy and everyone is trying their hardest to make him comfy for the time that remains, he get's all the strawberries and bananas he loves and carrots if he wants them, as well as dandelion. My granny filled him up with a whole pot of parsley so I guess his last days will be very nice, I just wished it weren't his last.

     As I alread mentioned, he's very calm and relaxed. When all the other bunnies keep away from me (they are not exactly tame because they have so much freedom), he usually just sits in front of me like "this is my spot and I won't move, human." Also, he is pretty curious and the tamest of them all. He loves food, especially bananas and strawberries, but usual stuff like dandelion, carrots, apples as well.

     He'll have to live on in all our hearts.

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