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Milo the Turkish Van
Name: Milo
Age: Four years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Turkish Van
Home: Kunkletown, Pennsylvania, USA
   Milo is a four-year-old Turkish Van. He was found on the streets of Bethlehem, PA right before Thanksgiving of 2013. He was about 3-4 weeks old and very tiny. I adopted him from a woman named Selena Anstead, who does amazing things for animals in the Bethlehem area. He became mine on Thanksgiving night of 2013.

     Milo was extremely tiny, but had so much personality in that little body of his. He loved to play with his brothers and sisters (he had six of them at the time), although they were not all terribly fond of another kitten in the household. He loved being with his momma, and became very bonded with her, and he still is today. He loves to cuddle, go for rides on your shoulder, and sleep under your neck. He is an extremely loving cat, and one of the most playful I have ever had. He loves people, and jumps on their laps, climbs up to their shoulders and rubs all around on them. He just loves attention. He also loves to burrow under covers. Many times I will come to the bedroom and find a lump under my covers, and low and behold, there is Milo, asleep under the covers. He loves to hide inside things as well. Be it boxes or bags, he will find something to hide or sleep in around the house.

     Milo has more than made up for his shaky start in life. He has grown into a handsome, young cat. He is loving, trusting, and just one of the sweetest cats I have ever had the pleasure of sharing a house with.

Milo the Turkish Van Milo the Turkish Van Milo the Turkish Van Milo the Turkish Van

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