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Lucky the Tabby Cat
Name: Lucky
Age: Fourteen years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Tabby Cat
Home: Offenburg/Baden-Württemberg
   My favorite pet is my cat, her name is Lucky. She is already quite old: she is fourteen years old. In human years this would mean over 70 years, so Lucky is an old lady. Lucky`s fur is grey, white and black.

     Before Lucky was in our house, she was living in my grandmother's flat. Unfortunately my grandmother got ill and so we took Lucky to our house. Now Lucky has been living in our house for six months.

     If it's sunny, she plays in the garden. If it rains, she plays in my room and after playing she sleeps in my bed. She likes her cat food (Sheba) and I like to give her treats very much. Lucky likes to drink water, but she doesn`t like to drink her milk. Lucky likes it very much when I pet her. We all love Lucky.

Lucky the Tabby Cat Lucky the Tabby Cat Lucky the Tabby Cat Lucky the Tabby Cat

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