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Cay the Puspin
Name: Cay
Age: Eleven months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Puspin
Home: Dasmariñas, the Philippines
   I found Cay at the backyard of my house in Dasmariñas, Cavite, when he was a tiny baby. He is a Puspin (Philippine native cat). He hissed at me at first, but then he went all affectionate on me. That was it! There are times, although, when he gets into mischief such as when he plays with my chargers, drawing books, pencils, rulers, oval and circle templates, and my dollies but then it's hard to stay angry with him. As for one of his ears, it's tipped in order to identify neutered cats.

     He also likes to make biscuits on my blanket and eat the good food I usually buy for him especially the Natural Balance. He also has an Instagram account called snowballcay. In case you are wondering, his hearing is perfectly fine, which I know is something to worry about in blue-eyed cats with white fur. I love Cay!

Cay the Puspin Cay the Puspin Cay the Puspin Cay the Puspin

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