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Glenn the Fancy Mouse, the Pet of the Day
Name: Glenn
Age: Four months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Fancy Mouse
Home: Brooks, Alberta, Canada
   This is Glenn. He lives with his brother, whose name is Texi. I am fully aware most male mice fight, I am keeping my eyes open for any aggression but Texi needs company far too badly since he is sick. And I cannot put him with females for fear he might mate. I even have an extra cage on standby just in case.

     Glenn is very sweet to his brother, he seems to know Texi is sick. They will be kept together until Texi gets better. Glenn is the only mouse I can ever recall having that asks to be petted. He is a very sweet, friendly boy. He is always grooming his brother. This mouse will also step into my hand willingly, even when running free during out of cage time. He has the most beautiful markings, and the cutest button eyes.

     He did not take long to tame, he has such a nice temperament. He doesn't seem to like peanuts as much, though he loves bird seed and pumpkin seeds. He also loves dog kibble of all things. My Auntie came over with her dog, and left me his food for the mice. Glenn loves the stuff. His fur is very soft, and he is a treasure dear to my heart.

Glenn the Fancy Mouse, the Pet of the Day Glenn the Fancy Mouse, the Pet of the Day

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