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Lovina the Syrian Hamster, the Pet of the Day
Name: Lovina
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Kind: Syrian hamster
Home: Massachusetts, USA
   Meet Lovina, the dominant spot-banded Syrian hamster! We got her from our nearest Petco, and I estimate her to be a few months old. I've had her for a while now, and she's very shy, but yet playful. She really loves to exercise, nearly always running on her wheel or finding more ways to become physically stronger.

     Lovina especially adores Yogi brand yogurt drop treats, and to run around in the bath tub, attempting to climb the sloped sides. She doesn't like being held, but she doesn't mind being petted when she holds still long enough!

     When we first got her, I didn't even know (I was at school when my sister and mother got me her for a present, since the day before we had gone to Petco and looked at some pets while getting crickets for my oldest sis's gecko). So I was suprised when I got home and there she was!

     Well, someone was a little curious ... so I was finally able to get her picture! I love my Lovina!

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