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Big Gus the Miniature Horse, the Pet of the Day
Name: Big Gus
Age: Twelve years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Miniature Horse
Home: Mount Dora, FLorida, USA
   I'm a spunky twelve-year old mini, ironically named Big Gus, as my current human's other half apparently has a warped sense of humor. My primary focus right now is living the good life, along with my stable mate and best friend Little Red, a retired racehorse. But, it didn't start out that way.

     In September of 2014 I was comfortably hanging out in a luxurious 25-acre pasture in Sunshine Ranches, Florida with a paddock all to myself. That is, until my owners divorced. They kept telling me it was not my fault (yeah right), but I went up for sale anyway.

     Several potential buyers stopped by to take a look, but all of them seemed to be turned off by either my price-tag (felt like I was in the window of Toys Are Us), the scar on my nose, which was inflicted from the back shoe of a mare in heat (hey, you go where life and passion take you), or both. Then, on a beautiful Saturday in late September a sweet looking gal, pulled up in what looked like a kiddie car convertible. Turns out she is an attorney, which explains the chic chick car; it was, after all, a Porsche Boxster.

     Now most folks looking to buy a horse, even of the miniature type, drive a truck, but not this sassy lassie. The Lawyer Lady noticed me right off and approached the fence without even uttering a word to the stable hands. Feeling rather enamored, I ambled up to the fence, then lifted my nose, thus enticing her to lean in for a pet. The good news is that she did exactly that. The bad news is that I had forgotten the fence was hotwired (Oops). As soon as her hand reached for me, she sharply jolted backward onto her bum. I poked my nose through the wooden opening for a closer look and when I saw more than a few strands of her long blonde hair standing on end, I suspected she would get up and go home in utter embarrassment.

     Obviously, I did not give the Lawyer Lady enough credit. Next thing that I knew, I was in a jazzed up horse trailer headed to her back yard, where I would become Little Red's ("Little" my tail - 16 hands for gosh sakes; have these people no sense of proportion?) companion for the next year. For reasons beyond Lawyer Lady's control me and Red were separated. After many shed tears, I went off to another pasture to watch over a group of five rescue horses and Red stayed behind with Lawyer Lady. Finally, two years later, we are all together again in our new, permanent home in Mount Dora, Florida.

     I'm now known as the #BarnyardLawyer who gives imitation legal advice to all of my pals on Twitter and Red, stately as ever, watches over my shenanigans and tries to keep me under control. It is our plan for me, Red, and Lawyer Lady to live happily ever after! My Mini Musings are recorded in my Blogs just for fun.

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