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Toribia the Red-Eared Slider, the Pet of the Day
Name: Toribia
Age: Five years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Red-Eared Slider
Home: Tunuyán, Argentina
   My pet's name is Toribia, she's five years old. My parents surprised me with a little gift, it was a turtle, she was very small and beautiful. I always wanted a turtle, so it was a really special gift! I have to say that she grew up very fast, now she is kinda big .

     She loves walking outside in the grass, so I'm always trying to take her outside for a while, but when I do that I always have to watch over her, because she is fast, not really fast like a gazelle, but she is faster than most people think a turtle can be, and she is very good at hiding.

     Something I love about her: she's always very kind with me and my parents, but she's not very kind with everyone, she can bite someone else if she gets stressed. Another fun fact is that she is always sunbathing in a very funny position, she looks like she's flying when she does that.

     She's a very beautiful turtle, and I love her.

Toribia the Red-Eared Slider, the Pet of the Day

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