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Caroline, Toothless the Spur-thigh Tortoises, the Pet of the Day
Name: Caroline, Toothless
Age: Six months old
Gender: Females
Kind: Spur-thigh Tortoises
Home: Oxted, Surrey, UK
   Caroline hates baths but really likes eating kale and carrots, she likes wandering about the house and exploring. Toothless loves baths and really likes eating clover and dandelions. They both like a tickle under the chin and getting fed by hand.

My husband mike has always liked tortoises and has wanted one for years, but our house was too small to accommodate the table, the lamp, etc. Last year we moved to a bigger house so I agreed to get a tortoise. We contacted a breeder but I was worried one would get lonely so we ended up having two. These are our first reptiles and first pets.

Caroline is a few weeks older than Toothless, they were born within a month of each other so Toothless tend to be a bit smaller than Caroline, although she has been growing lately. They are half sisters by same dad.

Caroline is the "Usain Bolt" of tortoises, she is really fast and we often loose sight of her once she is on the floor. She is quite fearless and will get herself on the edge of the sofa looking into the abyss, climb upright curtains and dangle from them. As a result, it is quite common for her to flip herself, she is an explorer. She has a healthy appetite and will refuse to go in the bath if she sees the food. She has come to know that evening bath means food so she makes a bee line for it! She has also got used to saying "hello" to us when we are in, she looks up and interacts with us, I am sure she associates us with food but she also sometimes want to be let out for a walk outside the table so she lets us know by sticking her neck out and when we put our hand down, she climbs on it. A favourite game though is to look up at us, climb only our hand, steady herself and bite us! She has a strong snap. We can tell now when she does it, it's really quite obvious she is taking aim before biting.

Toothless is very different. For a long time, she was very quiet, slept all day, retracted into her shell when she saw us and had minimum energy, including not even getting up in the morning. She would be sluggish and take a long time to move. like a you may expect a normal tortoise to be. She is slightly darker and smaller than Caroline so on the picture of them side by side, she is to the left. She has come out of her shell a bit more lately and is now looking up at us, eating regularly etc. She loves baths, she used to spend hours in them, she does so less now because she gets hungry and goes for the food. She does fight with her sister, but often that's because Caroline bullies her by walking on her or biting her; now that she is getting bigger she gives her own back but for while, she was quite stressed and we often had to separate them. She loves her food now, and her favourite thing is to get a tickle under the chin, push you away and expect you to give her food so she does not have to move at all - she likes being hand fed! She looks up at us a lot now which is really nice, she looks like a happy little tortoise.

They both have us well trained! We dote on them a lot, but they are adorable.

Caroline, Toothless the Spur-thigh Tortoises, the Pet of the Day Caroline, Toothless the Spur-thigh Tortoises, the Pet of the Day Caroline, Toothless the Spur-thigh Tortoises, the Pet of the Day

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