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Veritas the Hanoverian Horse , the Pet of the Day
Name: Veritas
Age: Nineteen years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Hanoverian Horse
Home: Germany
   Hello, this is Veritas. She's a very nice 19-year-old Hanoverian Horse. I like her very much because she's the loveliest pet of my life! When I ride her it's great, wonderful, and it's indescridable! She likes concentrated feed stuff and hay. And Veritas is very friendly and likes children! .

      She likes to not jump when she doesn't like it. She's old for a horse and nevertheless she keeps fit. She's special because she won't run away! Other horses sometimes run away- Veritas does not because she likes her home! And she doesn't even go crazy when the doctor is coming. She has got confidence to me! And I trust her, and love her very much.

Veritas the Hanoverian Horse , the Pet of the Day

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