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Carino the Icelandic Horse, the Pet of the Day
Name: Carino
Age: Eighteen years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Icelandic Horse
Home: Rohrbach, Germany
   Hi, I'm Elin and I want to tell you about my eighteen-year-old pony, Carino. Carino is an icelandic horse and I love him a lot. He stays at a horse stable next to our house. His brown eyes are very beautiful and his fur is red and brown. In the winter it looks like a red fox. His hooves are very small and his mane isn't very long. He loves old bread and carrots, but they aren't good for him. If he gets too much sugar he can get ill (laminitis). So he must do a trick before he gets a piece of old bread or carrot.

      When I ride Jacco, he is very nice and lovely, but sometimes he is easily scared. He is young, he will get more confident as he gets older, I hope. Our horse pasture and the stable are next to our house. Jacco is the youngest horse of the three we have. In the winter Jacco is brown and in the summer he is light brown and white.

      I love him very much!

Carino the Icelandic Horse, the Pet of the Day

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