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Danny the Bantam Chicken, the Pet of the Day
Name: Danny
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Bantam Chicken
Home: New South Wales, Australia
   Danny is about seven years old, and she is our pretty little hen. She is a bantam chicken, so very tiny and a beautiful golden color. But she does not thik of herslef as tiny one bit!

     She is a funny girl - she likes to sit on a little hut next to the rooster. We sometimes get scared the she will fall, but she doesn't. We have even taken her to where she is meant to be, but then she walks all across the backyard and to her favorite spot, undeterred. Danny eats bread, noodles, lentils, bugs she finds and practically anything! We love her!

Danny the Bantam Chicken, the Pet of the Day

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