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Cameo the Umbrella Cockatoo, the Pet of the Day
Name: Cameo
Age: Fourteen years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Umbrella Cockatoo
Home: Appleton, Wisconsin, USA
   Cameo loves to be in the midst of the family action. From the time she gets uncovered from a night of sleep until I cover her again for bed time she wants to be everywhere we are. Cameo makes a daily trip from her cage, in my office, to visit me while I am watching TV in the living room. She will crawl up my leg and sit on my lap to get petted until my arm gets tired then hops over to my wife for her attention.

     Cameo stays in my office mainly because that is where I spend much of my time and loves to help me do my reports usually unreadable. When the phone rings she is the first to say ” hello I`m Cameo,“ and “ bye” when I hang up. Several of my clients will say ”Hi, Cameo” when they call because they know she is there. She will answer, since I use the phones speaker phone all the time.

     I now have another umbrella cockatoo, also a rescued bird, and Cameo and Tasha and are becoming good buddies.

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