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Razzles and Zero the Chinchillas
Name: Razzles, Zero
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female, Male
Kind: Chinchilla
Home: Rochester, New York, USA
   Razzles and Zero may as well be attached at the hip! They were already cagemates when we got them a couple Christmases ago, along with another rescue chinchilla. They are never more than a few inches apart from each other and often cram themselves into places meant for just one chin! The first photo is of Razzles snuggling on top of Zero - snuggling is their favorite thing to do! The other photo of them is both of them jammed into one bath house - they each have their own bath house but love jumping in together and rolling around.

     We had Zero neutered after we found out we had a boy on our hands; they were just besides themselves while they were separated during his recovery time. The second photo is of them sleeping together after we allowed Razzles a quick visit during recovery time to boost Zero's spirits. They were estatic to see each other again. Even though they love each other and are always together, they love spending time with us as well. Zero loves to ride on our shoulders, Razzles prefers being carried facing out so she can see the world.

     All three of our chinchillas love watching TV with us and come running to say "goodnight" when we go to bed. We've trained them to give kisses between the bars of the cage. If we try kisses out of the cage or with the doors open, they try stealing glasses or grooming our faces. We love having them in our family and spoiling them rotten!

Razzles and Zero the Chinchillas

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