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Princess the Green Cheek Conure, the Pet of the Day
Name: Princess
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Green Cheek Conure
Home: United States of America
   Her name is Princess, she is about one to three years old, we adopted her in February from friends who had gotten her. For now we are assuming that she is one year old. She is a green cheek conure!

     Now, what makes Princess special? She is such a cute and silly bird! She loves dancing to music or any sounds! One time I was pouring a box of cereal and she was singing and dancing to it! She also loves people! If she flies on your head, that means she wants to adopt you! She'll even play with your hair! Sometimes cleans it or tries to make a nest!

     Princess never leaves me alone, she loves me a lot! When ever I am about to leave the house, she always flies on my head so I don't leave! And also, whenever I try to go to my room, she flies on the door! She refuses to leave the door so I always have to pick her up, how cute!

     Princess loves to give me kisses! Whenever I am holding her on my finger, she always make a kiss sound, meaning she either wants me to give her a kiss or make a kiss sound back. And if I tell her to give me a kiss, she will! I have to be careful though! She sometimes gives me a nibble on the lip!

     This bird is also sassy, she does only want she wants. If I try to put her back in her cage, she flies away! If I try to hold her, she either tries to bite me or screech at me sometimes. And she always flies on my phone! Whenever I get her off my phone, she comes back!

     She is a funny bird! One day my mom was just relaxing in the living room, Princess flew on her head and she was trying to feed my mom. So Princess drop bird food on my mom's eye! The other time, Princess flew on my lap and drop food all over my pants, I was like thanks! Princess also enjoys playing with her ball so she was playing with her ball and dancing right in front of my mother while she was praying!

     There are so many funny stories that Princess has done! I love her with all of my heart!

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