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Pipkin the Guinea Pig, the Pet of the Day
Name: Pipkin
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Guinea Pig
Home: Lincolnshire, England, UK
   Pipkin is a sweet little Guinea Pig, strong on character and determined by nature. Enough from me, I'll let her tell her story.

     Hi! My name is Pipkin; I am three years old but not feeling my age being young at heart. I was born in Boston, UK, one of a large litter. I can't count but I'm sure that there must have been at least eight of us because we were very crowded. We all looked similar so when it came to re-homing people found it hard to choose. I was one of the first to be chosen and hid away when they tried to catch me. When I was placed in a box then carried to a car I felt afraid but when I saw my new home I was pleased to have been caught. There was no crowding!

     At first I was placed in a large pen with two other guinea pigs, one quite old and the other young. I tried at once to establish my position with them but they didn't seem to accept my dominance. When Dawn, my carer noticed that I didn't seem very happy with my companions she placed me in another pen with two older guinea pigs, one female and one male who could not be a father, though I don't know why. He was so kind and gentle that I loved to cuddle up- to him, nestling in his long fur. Unfortunately his companion wasn't pleased by that and would push me away every time I did it.

     Dawn decided then that I might be happier in a pen of my own and she was right.

     It was lovely to have so much space to arrange things just as I wanted them, to run around without colliding with anyone else and best of all, not to have competition for food. Sweet red pepper is my favourite and is of many other pigs too it seems!

     I'm never lonely because Dawn gives all of us time together usually out in the garden or in the kitchen in bad weather. We can run around freely and get to know each other. The other humans in the household help too. Dawn often cuddles me, and the others and other family members hold me too. I wish that every guinea pig in the world could be as happy as me.

     Thank you for reading my story.

     My owners like to film me so there's quite a few videos of me: Oswald and me, Exploring the Kitchen Floor, Me and Mom singing, More singing, And more, Me and Patch and My family.

Pipkin the Guinea Pig, the Pet of the Day Pipkin the Guinea Pig, the Pet of the Day Pipkin the Guinea Pig, the Pet of the Day Pipkin the Guinea Pig, the Pet of the Day

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