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Zizou, Stevie the Gray Cockatiels, the Pet of the Day
Name: Zizou, Stevie
Age: Ten years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Gray Cockatiel
Home: Kenbridge, Virginia, USA
   These are two of my babies. I have known them since they were little tiny eggs. They are Normal Gray Cockatiels. I took in the parents when the owner did not want them any longer. They arrived with eggs in the nest. The first clutch these two babies survived and we took them out of the nest at three weeks old to hand feed them. I named one Stevie because he swayed back and forth as if to music while waiting for his food or when ever I talked to him. He reminded me of Little Stevie Wonder. Zizou was being fed by my son and head butted my son and since we are soccer fans and it was around World Cup time in 2006, he earned the name Zizou. You probably have to be a soccer fan to understand the correlation.

     They are great little birds, they want to be let out of their cage often - they sit on my shoulders and pull on my earrings or just talk in my ear. They were about four months old in this photo. The babies were a lot of work, but they are so fun to be around.

     Unfortunately they are not the least bit intimidated by my Great Dane mix Allie, but luckily she is a gentle giant and tolerates the birds.

     Owning a bird is a lifelong undertaking. It is not fair to get a bird and either hide it away because it is noisy or give it away irresponsibly because you tire of it. Do your homework and be sure you can live with a bird for a long time, as they have rather long life expectancies. If they are tame they really want your companionship, so be prepared to have a wonderful friend.

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