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Fluffy the Canary, the Pet of the Day
Name: Fluffy
Age: Five years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Canary
Home: Boca Raton, Florida, USA
   Fluffy's parents were very young upon his hatching. He was rejected and left to die! He was taken out of the parents' cage and hand-fed approximately every 2-4 hours for months until he was strong enough to eat on his own. He then developed a fungal infection and vitamin deficiency that made him loose most of his feathers. He was an ugly mess and very sick. Through many doctors and care he beat all the odds! His feathers finally came back (some just a few months ago) and is healthy and happy.

     Most Canaries are not human-social birds. Probably because of his traumatic start, Fluffy loves to come out of the cage and will fly over to me to sit on my hand and sometimes shoulder. Every morning he comes out of his cage, sits on the top and sings to the music I put on. He sings and chirps so loud you think it might break the glass mirrors!

     Fluffy is very smart, as soon as he saw the camera he kept jumping all over the place to avoid it. Then he ended up on the floor where I took one also. You may notice in his singing video it was a closeup from the kitchen/next room. He does not like cameras or anything unknown, he takes off quickly.

     He is a great bird with a special personality. You can see him being hand fed as a baby here. And you can hear him singing here all grown up!

Fluffy the Canary, the Pet of the Day Fluffy the Canary, the Pet of the Day Fluffy the Canary, the Pet of the Day Fluffy the Canary, the Pet of the Day

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