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Juan the Quaker Parrot, the Pet of the Day
Name: Juan
Age: Two and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Quaker Parrot
Home: Texas, USA
   Juan is my Quaker parrot, and although they are the smallest birds in the parrot family, he thinks he is a huge bird! His personality is really fun, but it also makes him a challenge to own. He is special for his curiosity and he can escape out of any cage. Think you put a "parrot-proof" lock on your cage? Not according to Juan, he will work at any such device until he either figures it out, or destroys it with that beak! We try to keep his cage full of interesting things, twigs to rearrange, toys, etc. but sometimes nothing seems as fun to him as figuring out the newest "puzzle" - his cage lock.

     Quakers as known as nature's clowns, and Juan fits that perfectly! For all his naughty ways, he is just so cute I cannot help loving him.

Juan the Quaker Parrot, the Pet of the Day

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