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War the Skink, the Pet of the Day
Name: War
Age: Seven months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Skink
Home: Pueblo County, Colorado, USA
   We actually saved War and his family, who I named Brandi, Chewy, Chica and Toothless. We saved them from my window well we were about to spray for black widow spiders. And they eat black widows, so they would have died if it weren't for us noticing and saving them. They were very skinny when we got them and barely had color. But now they look as if they are completely different lizards and they make a perfect family pet. But of course they have to live in my room.

     His breed is a skink, which is a small type of lizard. We think he is a Variable Skink, as his lines do not continue onto his head like the Many-lined skink does. But they eat bugs and worms and other insects, and I think he is neat no matter what kind of skink he is. One thing I learned about skinks is you should never grab a skink by the tail, as they can shed their tail and keep going. They can grow a new tail, but it will never look as good as War's original tail, so I am careful with him. He can move very fast even though he has short legs, but only does so when he's going to eat a cricket! He is a very interesting pet, I am glad we saved him and his brothers!

War the Skink, the Pet of the Day War the Skink, the Pet of the Day

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