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Murcão the Tabby
Name: Murcão
Age: Six years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Tabby
Home: Brazil
   Murcão is a Portuguese "name," that is not quite a real name but it means idiot. We mean it with the most caring and sweetest way. Why this name? Well when he was just a kitten, he wanted to run around very badly. When we placed him on the floor for the first time in our house, he ran straight into the door and my mum called him that and that name stayed that way.

     My mother has moved to another country and this sweetheart was left by my mother so I could keep him. He loves to meet new people, and is very caring, revengeful (unfortunately), and calm. He meows a lot when he wants something, he is also a lazy butt and my best friend. He knows when I am sad and always sits or lays on my chest or just hugs me. It is very comforting. We are currently struggling to buy him better food and everything, to make sure he always stays healthy. He has never needed the vet, never had problems since I got him thankfully, but we know someday he will he have the problems of old age. If not, then thank you God. But still, he would never complain about anything, he is very happy. That's it, that's my little dummy. I sure love him.

Murcão the Tabby Murcão the Tabby Murcão the Tabby Murcão the Tabby Murcão the Tabby Murcão the Tabby Murcão the Tabby

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