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Keule the Fischer's Lovebird, the Pet of the Day
Name: Keule
Age: Fifteen years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Fischer's Lovebird
Home: Hildesheim, Germany
   This is Keule, my mini parrot. In Germany his breed called Pfirsichkopf - in English it is called a Fischer's lovebird. Keule is fifteen years old and he is a very sweet parrot. He lives in my parents' house in my room. Every day when I come home he flies to me and want to cuddle.

      Unfortunately he has broken feet, but he manages with them anyway. He eats almost everything - his breed needs to eat fruits and vegetable, not just seeds like parakeets do. When we eat, he comes and wants to be eating the same things we do.

     Keule is tame and he can roll on command. He is really quiet and sooo sweet! He is funny, too, he protects and defends the water tap very well. We love him.

Keule the Fischer's Lovebird, the Pet of the Day

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