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Olive the Holland Lop Mix Rabbit, the Pet of the Day
Name: Olive
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Holland Lop Mix Rabbit
Home: Maryland, USA
   I got Olive as an early birthday present. She was a dinky little bunny, with the fluffiest tail, and cutest little floppy ears. She was very shy and timid at first, but over time she has warmed up to me and my other bunny.

     I had been going to the pet shop once very week to get bunny supplies for my other rabbit, when I first spotted her. For the next few weeks, I watched as rabbits such as fluffy lion heads and tiny dwarf bunnies came and go, and yet, she always seemed to be there. Maybe it was the fact she hid in the corner away from people or that she tried to nip people in fear. Whenever I went there, I'd hold her and once I exited the store, she would sit in the cage with her paws on the wires almost like she didn't want me to go. It was a month before my birthday so out of nowhere I asked my parents if I could get another bunny, surprisingly they said yes. So, the next day we formed a plan and went and picked up my bunny, who at the time I thought was a boy ... whoops. But, we hurried and got a cage from a family friend and went to Petco. The minute I brought her home everyone was looking at her and my other pets were curious. But, now they're used to her.

     Olive is a fiesty little girl, with a big personality and a big heart. She loves ripping her chews and toys to shreds and bunny hopping all over the place! Her favorite treat is dried cranberries, she goes cuckoo for cranberries! She is a favorite and cuddle bunny to my dogs, my other bunny, and all of the family! She makes waking up in the morning 10 times better when I can see her excited face when I open her cage!

     She loves going on walks in her harness, where she runs and runs and tries to trip me! She also loves her Timothy hay, whenever I open the bag, she tries ripping holes in it and jumping in the hay just to get to it! My family has given her the nicknames of "Camo Bunny" for her beautiful coat. Despite the fact my dogs adore her, my cat who even hunts outdoors has always been afraid of my other bunny and was afraid of Olive too.

Olive the Holland Lop Mix Rabbit, the Pet of the Day Olive the Holland Lop Mix Rabbit, the Pet of the Day Olive the Holland Lop Mix Rabbit, the Pet of the Day Olive the Holland Lop Mix Rabbit, the Pet of the Day

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