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Zoe the Dumbo Rat, the Pet of the Day
Name: Zoe
Age: Two and a half years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Dumbo Rat
Home: Ashington, England, UK
   Zoe is very old, nearly three years old, which is quite elderly for a rat. She is very sweet. Her health is failing now but she still takes good care of her 'mischief.'

     Zoe is far from my first rat, but she is my oldest. She was one of a group, four sisters, who came to live with me as babies, although in truth Zoe was not a full sister but the last of her litter who was put in the same cage for company. She was always very healthy and very strong mentally and physically and she has out-lasted her original family of Eleanor, Molly and Martha. She was without doubt the dominant rat within that group and as she was still in good health, I got her a new Mischief to be boss of; The Flowers who are Poppy, Tulip, Daisy and Lily.

     She is still the boss but now her health is failing. As is common with elderly rats. her back legs have started to fail and she drags them sometimes but she still refuses to give up and climbs out every night for playing out time and porridge. She appreciates a scratch now and then but has never been the cuddliest of creatures. Old age has mellowed her somewhat, but she has always been adorable. She is a Dumbo Rat and the ears lying lower on her head helps with her sweet appearance.

     She is crawling towards her third birthday but retains an exuberant approach to living that most people would do well to copy. Zoe knows no tricks, they would be beneath her, but she knows the sweetie sound and comes as fast she can whenever she hears it. Her favourite foods would be probably spaghetti and peas as well as porridge and rice pudding.

     She can also be found on Twitter at @MrBensRats where her account is Zoe & The Flowers.

Zoe the Dumbo Rat, the Pet of the Day Zoe the Dumbo Rat, the Pet of the Day Zoe the Dumbo Rat, the Pet of the Day

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