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Norton the Short-hair Cavy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Norton
Age: Two and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Short-hair Cavy
Home: Illinois, USA
   Our Man Norton was adopted from the Humane Society on Nov. 24, 2014. He and his brother were left at the Humane Society before Thanksgiving. His brother was quickly adopted and the staff were under the misconception that Norton was "anti-social" just because he was nervous and unhappy there. No wonder he was left there alone - they even tried to talk me out of adopting him! My instincts told me Norton had a perfect personality and was very sociable even before I saw him and my instincts were correct. Norton loves attention and has never bitten anyone. He is feisty, funny, smart, sweet and loves to purr.

     Norton was immediately at home with us and was happy as can be in his new cage, filled with toys and treats! We named this handsome fellow Norton after the hilarious TV character "Ed Norton" from the classic TV show, "The Honeymooners"!

     Norton loves food but his very favorites are Timothy hay and parsley. He also loves Oxbow's Critical Care for herbivores as a weekly treat! Norton loves playing with his toys and can make a lot of noise throwing them around! He is quite independent but he also loves to snuggle in your lap and relax (especially on a full tummy). He gets a bit impatient when 1) waiting for veggies and 2) posing for photos (as you can see from the photo where he is shaking and his hat is flying off)!

     We are not breeders. For over 35 years, we have adopted guinea pigs (also called cavies) from shelters and can honestly say without a doubt, "We've never met a cavy we didn't like."

     We hope Norton's adoption and happy new life inspires others to adopt homeless pets from shelters. All homeless pets need to feel secure and loved to be happy. To see more fun photos of Norton (and our other adopted guinea pigs (rescued pets), check out our non-profit pet site, !

Norton the Short-hair Cavy, the Pet of the Day Norton the Short-hair Cavy, the Pet of the Day Norton the Short-hair Cavy, the Pet of the Day Norton the Short-hair Cavy, the Pet of the Day

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