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Lea and Mia the chickens, Pet of the Day
Name: Mia, Lea
Age: Two yeasr old
Gender: Female
Kind: Chickens
Home: Germany
   Hi, these are our chickens, Lea and Mia. Mia is the black hen on the left side and Lea is the white hen on the right side. We got them to sit in a big pumpkin for their picture, then they got to eat the seeds! These are two-year-old hens. My neighbors like them, and so do I! They get up in the morning and eat, or some days they lay an egg and then eat breakfast afterwards. In the winter, when it is cold, they sit the whole day in their warm hutch, where it is cozy. They like it when we bring snails to their hutch, they think they are a yummy treat. Mia and Lea like them as much as we like chocolate.

    In the summer we take them out of their hutch, then they can walk where they like. One day, just at half past 12, a big bird attacked Mia! My neighbor came home from school at that moment and chased it away. He saved the live of this hen! Mia and Lea are good friends for each other, even though they look very different! We love them.

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