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 Trixie the African Pygmy Hedgehog  Pet of the Day
Name: Trixie
Age: Five months old
Gender: Female
Kind: African Pygmy Hedgehog
Home: London, England
   Trixie is a cheeky, fun loving hedgehog that you will instantly fall in love with. I don't know how she does it!

    She is my first hedgehog, and a wonderful, adventurous little energy ball. Always looking for attention and somewhere to go. I decided to get a hedgehog when I saw them on TV, and when I chose her I fell for her instantly. She is affectionate to me, and is a single person lover (meaning she doesn't like anyone else more than me). She is cheeky, and bites sometimes, but you can't stay angry at her for long! She enjoys running on her wheel, and is very energetic. I got her on Halloween, and named her Trixie because of Tricks (because it was Halloween) and Pixie (because she's small), and I combined the two to get a name that suits her personality!
Trixie the African Pygmy Hedgehog the Pet of the Day

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