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 Davian the LaMancha goat  Pet of the Day
Name: Davian
Age: Six weeks old
Gender: Male
Kind: LaMancha goat
Home: Fairfield, Maine
   We own seven goats, but Davian is our only "pet." He's the only boy in the bunch and he's more affectionate than all the girls - a real snuggle bug! We can't keep him as a breeding buck, so he'll be neutered in a few weeks. That way he'll not only be a sweet and loving guy, but he'll be a sweet and loving guy who does not stink.

    Davian was born here on Groovy Gramma's Farm in April and won't be off his bottle until the end of June - especially because MAN that boy loves his bottles! Today he sucked the nipple right off and the milk splashed him full in the face! (And yes, I did laugh at him!)

    Davian has a gorgeous sister named Aviva. He was a big kid, so his mama had a bit of trouble pushing him out. She was laying down and pushing. I could see a nose and some teeny hooves, but that fat head of his wasn't coming out. So I coaxed his little legs out and started to pull every time mama pushed. Suddenly she stood up and started trotting around the pen while yelling and pushing. I was trotting right behind her pulling and laughing! Finally he popped out and his sister followed moments later.

    My daughters are in 4-H. We do show dairy does and my daughter owns Davian's mama and chose the buck we bred her to. She will show both dam and daughter (his sister), but we only have one show (that I know of) for bucks here and it was early May, so we missed it. We did attempt to show pose him because I am still hoping someone will buy him intact to use as a buck. He'll just come along with us to the fairs for companionship and if we find the right family, we may sell him. We'd love to keep him but I've only got one doe he could breed with. And our space is limited, so we really can't keep him long-term as a pet. But we are sure enjoying him right now!

    Davian is snuggly and quiet (his sister is much more vocal). At 6 weeks old he already walks beautifully on lead. He doesn't know any tricks yet because we haven't found a treat he likes yet. Aviva loves raw peanuts in the shell, but when we try to give him one he acts like we're trying to poison him! However, he does like grain and my daughters do like to train so maybe grain will be a good raining treat! As a side note, he doesn't yet come when called by name, but his sister does and he always comes with her! They're going to both be sad when they are finally separated because right now they are together all the time. It's so cute to see them snuggle together!
Davian the LaMancha goat the Pet of the Day
Davian the LaMancha goat the Pet of the Day
Davian the LaMancha goat the Pet of the Day
Davian the LaMancha goat the Pet of the Day

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