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Eevee the Lionhead Rabbit Pet of the Day
Name: Eevee
Age: Six months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Lionhead Rabbit
Home: Washington, DC, USA
   This is Eevee, and she is my Lionhead bunny! She's a little character! As cute as she is, she's feisty and also full of energy. She isn't much for vegetables but loves bananas and apples. When she flops she does a "dead bunny" flop that lets everyone know she's a little tomboy at heart - not a delicate princess by any means!

    She enjoys running around and binkying into the air. I'm not sure if she's a bunny or a trotting foal when she really gets going. I've never met a bunny with more spunk and charisma! She is the best!
Eevee the Lionhead Rabbit the Pet of the Day

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