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Juno the American Guinea Pig  Pet of the Day
Name: Juno
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: American Guinea Pig
Home: San Jose, California, USA
   My pet Juno is a male who has a very unusual agouti-like fur color. He gets along very well with my bunny, Nibbles. Juno Loves cilantro. He is my first pet, and I got him as a present. He was very shy at first. He didn't want to come out of his little house. He only came out in the night and when he was really hungry. My parents and I would stay with him for a while before we went to bed to watch him eat and come out of his house. Then when I took him outside he would look for a shelter or something just to hide under.

    Now he is much happier. When I take him out, he just runs and popcorns all around the room. While he is in his cage, when he hears somebody he starts wheeking and tries to get out of his cage. He is amazing and I'm so glad I chose him to be my pet. He has a great personality. I love him and my bunny so much, they are my life.

Cupid, the Pet of the Day
Cupid, the Pet of the Day

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