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Igneel the Veiltail Betta Pet of the Day
Name: Igneel
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Veiltail Betta Fish
Home: Lincolnshire, England
   Igneel is a very special pet to me, a very beautiful betta fish. I chose him for his spectacular appearance; his sharp brown eyes, his beautiful flowing tail and fins of brilliant scarlet.

    He has never stopped repaying me for choosing him by swimming up to the glass when I approach his tank, to look out at me. When I feed him he waits at the top and springs forward to catch each pellet as they drop in. Every morsel is carefully chewed.

   When feeding is over, it is playtime. I watch while he swims up and down at the side, flaring to his reflection. He looks so beautiful. When I hold a cuddly toy version of him to the glass, he flares at that despite the fact that it is so much bigger than him.

   If I put my finger against the glass he makes gestures of biting it. When he catches sight of one of other bettas he displays aggression towards them, turning it into a flaring contest. He is always great fun, even though he is nearing his second birthday, so is no longer a baby. There can be no doubt that bettas have personality, and Igneel has masses of it.

    Here's a Poem about him from his point of view:

Hello I'm Igneel The Great Betta Fish.
I'm proud of my long flowing scarlet tail.
Having me was my owner's ardent wish.
At giving her pleasure I never fail.
When my human comes I look out at her.
It makes her happy, so she gives me food.
When seizing pellets, I never waver.
Every morsel is carefully chewed.
Seeing my reflection I always flare.
If my human's finger comes near, I bite.
To challenge me, no one would ever dare.
I'm a betta, always ready to fight.
Because I live in a beautiful tank,
It is my loving human that I thank.

Igneel, the Pet of the Day
Igneel, the Pet of the Day
Igneel, the Pet of the Day

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