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Wasabi the Gypsy Vanner/Friesian mix Pet of the Day
Name: Wasabi
Age: Twelve years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Gypsy Vanner/Friesian mix
Home: Southern USA
   Wasabi is originally from the Netherlands. He is seriously like a dog in his personality! He gets into everything, plays with our dogs, and knows how to open gates and doors. He enjoys sneaking into the feed and tack room looking for me. He loves jumping! One of the favorite things I love doing with him is riding him with only a rope around his neck. He loves playing with his "little sister" Pockets, my mini horse.

    His previous owners abandoned him so I took the initiative to take care of him and then bought him 2013 Christmas! He is the best horse in the world; I wouldn't trade him for $100,000,000!

Wasabi, the Pet of the Day
Wasabi, the Pet of the Day
Wasabi, the Pet of the Day
Wasabi, the Pet of the Day

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