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Patrick, the Pet of the Day
Name: Patrick
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Kind: Rex Guinea Pig
Home: New Lenox, IL, USA
   P Patrick is our adorable little sourpuss! He always looks crabby and never quite seems satisfied! Patrick was one of our first guinea pigs that we got with our other sweet piggy Henry! However, after a few months together they had a falling out and are now repaired with some of our younger piggies. All we can think is that grumpy Patrick had said something to Henry that couldn't be forgiven haha. We're not quite sure what breed patrick is but I believe he is a Rex as his coat is more frizzy than soft like a Teddy would be. Plus he has these completely useless whiskers that just kind of curl into nowhere. We also make fun of him for wearing eyeliner since one of his eyes has a black outline. He's an emo pig!  
   Patrick currently lives with a slightly younger boar named Moe who is a very placid, calm, and dominant piggy. This does good for Patrick since he is very stubborn and moody and needs to be put in line. Patrick also looooooves hanging out on the hammock or floating bed. There is just nothing better to him than some type of lounging or hanging contraption. Another funny thing about him, is that although he's crabby he's incredibly snuggly! When he's out for lap time he purrs nonstop when petted and loves a cozy blanket to cuddle into. He definitely likes body massages, and will promptly give you a light nip with his teeth if you stop petting him too soon. He's also a particularly picky piggy. Most of our pigs would die for a carrot ... but Patrick and carrots ... well, he could not care less. He might eat it, but he sure is disgruntled if you try and present it as a treat. I absolutely adore this pig and his little sourpuss self!
Patrick, the Pet of the Day
Patrick, the Pet of the Day
Patrick, the Pet of the Day

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