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Dante, the Pet of the Day
Name: Dante
Age: Ten years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Arabian Horse
Home: Brigham City, Utah, USA
   Dante (SR Undaunted) is very special in many ways. He is beloved by his family, and everyone that meets him! He is an Arabian Western Pleasure show horse, and he is VERY good at what he does! Dante's the sweetest boy you'll every come to know, and is the most gentle around both kids and adults alike! Anyone who knows Dante knows that he's a total sweetie pie, and loves him to death!! He's a very pretty boy and knows it. Once he gets into the arena, he loves to show off his awesome skills!     Dante is also the silliest of all the horses we have. Part of what makes him as cute as he is, is his personality. Even though we know he doesn't mind hugs and kisses, whenever we give him some, he puts his head up in the air and pretends to frown. I think he just likes the reaction he gets. He does love to play, even though he's very careful and gentle. He is definitely a goofball!! He loves to be cheesy, and he knows that we love it too!

    One crazy experience that we had with Dante, is when he was rubbing his tail on the fence one time, and it came off right at the dock!! We practically cried, because his tail was to long and beautiful, but now we look back at it and laugh, knowing that that's part of what makes him special and cute.

    Another one, is when our 7-year-old beginning rider barnyard boy was in the barn, and Dante got out. We had just gotten him and didn't know much about him, so you can imagine that he was pretty nervous. Dante came running in the barn, and just went right around him. He didn't want to hurt him, but he didn't want to be caught and put in a stall again.

    Another incident was when someone was showing him and one of her reins came off in the middle of the ring. She didn't even know, because they were loping and he just kept going. He kept his posture and everything, and the only way she knew was because somebody told her. They were saying, "easy, whoa" but she just said, "It's OK, just walk to him. He's a good boy." They fixed it and moved on, and that just proved that he is such a good boy.

    Dante is very special to all of us and we love him so very much. Dante is silly and cute, yet gentle and sweet.

Dante, the Pet of the Day

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