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May, the Pet of the Day
Name: May
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Green Cheek parrot
Home: Orangevale, California, USA
   May is a very special pet, she is sweet, loving, and very sassy! May is a little pale compared to most parrots of her kind, but that is just one of the things that makes her special. May is also a cripple, her wing was broken before I bought her, but that didn't bother me one bit. May's struggles and handicaps just adds to her character, that's all!

    May is a scaredy cat so she is nippy but she is also very sweet! I am her favorite person, but if someone takes the time to get to know her just about thirty minutes at a time for a few times, she grows to love them. It really warms my heart when I see her warm up to a new person, since I know she has a hard time mentally, due to her wing being broken.

    I saw May's broken wing as a bonus since I never owned a parrot before and I knew I would have to clip her wings. But I never have to clip her wings, May has beautiful pale blue wings and I love them! Since May can never fly I take her outside a lot! May sits on my shoulders while I water the chickens in their coop. Sometimes May will crawl on top of my head in the chicken coop, just so she can climb the chicken wire ceiling. Since May can't fly she has adapted into being a monkey, she climbs up everything she can get her little feet on. When I drive to the post office or to Petco, May is on my shoulder and she will chat with the radio. I often take her to the Petco by my house to socialize her with the other green cheeks. One time I showed May a fancy green cheek and I told her "Look May there is a May, May!" and May started to call the other conure "May, May, May!" It was sooo cute!!!

    May sometimes likes to play with the other green cheeks through the glass but after a while she gets bored and will preen her feathers but the other green cheeks still want to play with her. May also knows a few tricks, she will spin in a circle, or give me a beak bump when I say "Knock!" May will also give me kisses when I tell her to,but the funny thing is I didn't teach her that one! But I did give her the command kiss, that way I wouldn't get all of these ninja kisses! But my favorite trick May does is going poo when I tell her "go poo poo!" So May is somewhat potty trained. The problem is that she never gives me a sign when she has to go poo, so I have to guess. Since we figured that out, I tell May go to poo all the time! It is also her favorite word to say. One time May crawled all the way to my my ear, stuck her beak in my ear and whispered "poo, poo..." then she ran to my lap! May only did that once, but I will never forget it.

    May, for all her sass, does scare easily, but when I see her be brave it makes me so proud! That's why May is amazing, she has a certain zest for life and has a big personality! She is turning two years old today, her birthday is May 3rd! She is quite a handful but she is worth it!

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