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Petey, the Pet of the Day
Name: Petey
Age: One year, two months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Green Greywing Parakeet
Home: Connecticut, USA
   Petey came to us in September of last year. He wasn't quite a rescue, but he was more than welcomed to his new home. My older brother had brought him home after the death of our grandfather, and so he was named in his honor. Petey brought a bit of joy back into our lives after the tragedy. He sometimes even behaves as stubborn as my grandfather had and we jokingly say he takes after him.

    Petey and I spend every day together, enough that he's learned to talk! At last! He talks all day, phrases like: you're a good boy, cutiepie, hello and I love you! He learns more every day and he is completely obsessed with standing on my iPad for hours at a time wanting to be pet like one of the cats. Speaking of cats, he's befriended all six of our cats, enough that I can leave him alone with his cage wide open to be free to come and go all day. He sits on them, stands in front of them chatting, and even takes naps with his best friend, Phil (the cat). Petey is a bit of an oddball, if it wasn't too obvious already (sometimes he wears a feather on his beak like a mustache just because he feels like it), but he is happy and healthy and always has company and love.

    Petey is a reminder to all of us that our loved one may be gone, but he lives on through memories. And Petey definitely brings back memories, especially that my grandfather always kept and loved birds, he would have loved Petey, too.

Petey, the Pet of the Day
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Petey, the Pet of the Day
Petey, the Pet of the Day
Petey, the Pet of the Day

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