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Batman, the Pet of the Day
Name: Batman
Age: Three months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Netherland Dwarf, Polish Rabbit
Home: Steinkjer, Norway
   This Batman! What makes him so special is that he listens to his name, and he is very fond of me and come to me once he sees me. He is a very special young rabbit who learns incredibly fast!

    Batman was born on December 30, 2014 with two other siblings, this trio was a very special trio. Batman was the greatest of them all, he was the first who came out of the nest after he opened his eyes. Batman has always been a little explorer and he loves to explore new things. He and the other two siblings weaned themselves and started to drink water and follow their mother and pester her.

    When Batman was one month old, I took him with me out in the snow and he got to run and enjoy himself. I lay on the ground to take some pictures of him where he ran and enjoyed himself. As soon as I got down, he came at full speed towards me and jumped on my stomach and wanted to have cuddles, and then I lay on my stomach and photographed him. He often came up to my face and sniffed me and licked my cheek and shoulder. When he wanted to play, he ran a little away and came running towards me again and jumped on my back and lay down there. We are often out when it is sunny, so then he lays down to relax in the sun on my back!

    He answers to his name almost always, and pays attention and comes when I call him. He is a very attention-seeking rabbit who will not say "no thanks" to cuddle! He is my gold baby and I love him with all my heart.

    All his photos are copyright ©Elise Mari Holm Aanes.

Batman, the Pet of the Day
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Batman, the Pet of the Day
Batman, the Pet of the Day
Batman, the Pet of the Day
Batman, the Pet of the Day
Batman, the Pet of the Day

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