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Brightback, the Pet of the Day
Name: Brightback
Age: Seven months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Fancy Mouse
Home: Alberta, Canada
   Brightback is an inquisitive girl whose coloring is known by some as piebald. Others would call her a cow mouse - I quite like that, too. I had Brightback in a colony with about eight other females until recently. However I noticed that my male, Frankie, was getting depressed. So, while I was cleaning his cage I put Brightback out so he could play with her and interact with her. This was apparently not the greatest idea as she was in heat! There is no real way to tell when a female is in heat unless she squats and lets the male do his thing. So they had a liaison. I wasn't 100% unhappy I used to be a small time breeder and I have a private breeder that will take any I don't keep. She did in fact have eight healthy babies, three girls and five boys. I can sex pinkies, takes a lot of practice but I bred mice for at least ten years. Of the babies in the picture, the one that is a little more pink in the back is a female and my current favorite. Her name is to be Lechku. In front is my favorite boy, he looks a lot like his dad Frankie. I wasn't 100% unprepared, so all is going well thus far.

    Brightback is a very loving mother and pet, when I pick up her house to check on the pinkies, she is often nursing them. The fun thing though is she doesn't run and even lets me pet her while she is feeding her children. If she is not nursing them she comes up to my hand, and gives me a good sniff and paw touches. She is very laid back, and her babies seem to be the same. In recent studies apparently they figured out that a mouse that trusts her owner will pass on that trust to any children she has, sort of a physiological trait. The babies are sweet as honey and have fallen asleep in my warm hand more than once. I hold them with gloves as getting my scent on the babies before they get fur tends to upset mother mice in my personal experience.

    Brightback just had pure black spots when I first got her last November as a baby, but as she grew she got all these lovely white streaks all through the black. She truly is a treasure, a sweet pet that rarely protests to being picked up and puts up with lots of petting and kissing. She loves out of cage time, she patters around like crazy sniffing everything.

    The first pic is of her pregnant the day before she had her beautiful pinkies. They were born Friday the 13th. I have been feeding her "cat milk," so she has lots of rich milk. Cat milk is cow milk with 98% of the lactose removed so is actually ok for her tummy. And she loves it, licks it till it's all gone. I soak baby cookie pieces with the milk, and she prefers to lick all the milk first and the cookie gets second priority. Cat milk still has plenty of fat, and she needs that to feed all them babies. Both she and her young are healthy and thriving. I plan to keep her three daughters with her for life. They seem to have inherited Brightback's sweet personality. She is precious to me, and I bet they will be, too!

Brightback, the Pet of the Day
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Brightback, the Pet of the Day
Brightback, the Pet of the Day

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