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Angel the Guinea Fowl, the Pet of the Day
Name: Angel
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Guinea Fowl
Home: York County, Pennsylvania, USA
   Hi! I am Angel, and I like to play with my friends, Midnight and Moonbeam. Sometimes when we are on the wrong side of the fence, we pace, and pace, and pace, and for some reason the fence doesn't disappear! (Even though the gate is nearby, and we are capable of flying over the fence.) We love to eat ticks. Sometimes I eat up to 100 ticks a day!

     Sometimes when the people come to take care of us, they often bring their dog. The dog chases us round, and round, and round, (no hard feelings, dog) until we are forced to take refuge in the trees. Sometimes, some of the roosters that are my coopmates fight, and I don't usually allow it. I just run in between them, and I chase one the one way, and one the other. When one of my friends gets separated, she usually calls, "Buck-wheat! Buck-wheat! Buck-wheat!" trying to find us. I really enjoy living where I do, even with some trials (like the dog). I am content, and life is good here.

Angel the Guinea Fowl, the Pet of the Day

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