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Bob the Silkie Chicken, the Pet of the Day
Name: Bob
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Silkie Chicken
Home: Dillsburg, Pennsylvania, USA
   Bob is adorable and very lovable. She is a Non-Bearded White Silkie Chicken. Bob is my favorite chicken, and she always makes my day brighter when I see her. Bob came from a farm where she was neglected, and then I found her, and they just let me take her, along with three other silkies. They were named Bob (of course), Emmet, Bella, and Rosalie. Bob's breed is supposed to have a walnut comb, and she has a single comb, but that just makes her unique.

     Bob does not know any tricks, and she is fairly independent from us, but happy to be with her sister Bella. She isn't feisty, but not extremely affectionate either. She lays many moderately-sized, tannish-brown eggs. She likes to play with sticks, and is a pleasant pet to have. She isn't the leader of the flock, or very noisy, but she is fun to have as part of the flock. Bob is an adored chicken, whether she knows it or not. I love Bob!

Bob the Silkie Chicken, the Pet of the Day
Bob the Silkie Chicken, the Pet of the Day

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