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RazzMaTazz the Fancy Rat, the Pet of the Day
Name: RazzMaTazz
Age: Nine weeks old
Gender: Female
Kind: Fancy Rat
Home: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
   RazzMaTazz is my Variberk fancy rat. I just got her recently, but I already adore her. She is skittish, but so sweet. She has the best markings, and the cutest little headspot. She is the new cagemate of my sister's rat EunJi.

     MiJi was my first rat, and since she passed away, RazzMaTazz sashayed onto the scene. RazzMaTazz has been somewhat sick since birth, but I will keep her health in check for as long as I can. She loves other rats, but intends to be queen of the cage! She's the fastest ratlet I've ever seen, and that is pretty cool. She is the independent type, is too energetic to be held, but enjoys sleeping all day. She likes chocolate mousse and has a little kink in her tail. I hope RazzMaTazz will grow up to be even more charismatic than she is now. I love her!

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