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Tiffo the Dwarf Rabbit, the Pet of the Day
Name: Tiffo
Age: Four years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Dwarf Rabbit
Home: Milan, Italy
   Tiffo is practically an alive Peluche! Tiffo and his girl Chany are my first bunnies. they were both born in August 2010 and I bought them at a Country Fair in October the same year. It was truly an unexpected thing, since I already had a very bad-tempered cat and I had no intention of having more pets!

     I must confess, adopting my bunnies was truly one of the BEST choice I ever made! Tiffo and Chany have lived together since then, from 2 months old to now that they are almost 5 years old! They are cage-free buns 24/7. It took me over a year to give them total freedom in the house, mostly because of the cat! But now they can go everywhere night and day without restrictions!

     Tiffo is smart he can steal pellets from the bag when I open the food chest, and he can find treats hidden and get them every time! He is lazy and loves food above everything else... Second thing he loves just after food is his girl Chany and his mummy. He kisses me back every single time I kiss him on his head! Even hundreds time a day sometimes (poor boy)!

     His name was Tiffany at first because I thought he was a girl ... then I changed it in Tiffo when I found out he was indeed a cute boy! Unlike most bunnies Tiffo likes to be picked up and cuddle in my arms for hours, he is truly a good boy!

     He is the one waking me up every morning by jumping on my face, kissing and chewing my nose... asking for me to get up and give him breakfast! His favorite sport is throwing balls and things around... mostly at 3 a.m. making all the noise he can do!

     My buns are both litterbox-trained, and they are also pretty good about it. It is only when we have guests that Tiffo needs to mark around to make sure they know who is the boss in the house!

     Tiffo's favorite treat is carrot. My buns are not allowed to eat store-bought treats or fruits ... only hay, fresh veggies and very few oxbow pellets. Tiffo and Chany are such a cute and funny couple at the same time! He is the funny one and she is the most elegant, perfect and strong bunny girl ever!

     To see more about Tiffo and his girl Chany go on our Instagram @tiffoco - They will make you laugh!
Tiffo the Dwarf Rabbit the Pet of the Day
Tiffo the Dwarf Rabbit the Pet of the Day
Tiffo the Dwarf Rabbit the Pet of the Day
Tiffo the Dwarf Rabbit the Pet of the Day

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