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Berry the Haflinger Horse, the Pet of the Day
Name: Mulberry
Age: Five years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Haflinger horse
Home: Quebec, Canada
   Mulberry is one special horse who loves to make friend with anybody, human, horse, cat and dog! Her name is Mulberry, but so far, we never used that name. We call her Berry, Big Baby, Babe, Big Berry, or cutiepie. She's a bombproof horse: you can ride a tractor behind her when honking at the same time, and she's not going to spook. She's the best horse I've ever known so far. Her small size doesn't bother her at all, she's the boss of the pasture!

     Berry's always the first one to come at us, galloping and neighing, when we open the gates of the pasture. She's a real cutie. Her heart is as big as the Earth. The blaze on her forehead is quite special too: it's not a normal one, straight and perfect. It's more like it is broken or something, and that's how we recognize her so well.

     It only has been half a year that we have had her and she's the sunshine of our days. She is the one that kisses us when she feels that we're sad, the one who is so sensitive and never does anything that we're not sure about. She's the one that lifts her rump when she just doesn't want to trot. (Yeah, that happens most of the time but I know the trick now, hee hee.) In any case, she's a special horse. I'm really proud of her, you guys don't know how much! Recently, I even managed to make her bow!! I sure love this girl!

Berry the Haflinger Horse the Pet of the Day
Berry the Haflinger Horse the Pet of the Day
Berry the Haflinger Horse the Pet of the Day
Berry the Haflinger Horse the Pet of the Day

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