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Toshiro the Bearded Dragon, the Pet of the Day
Name: Toshiro
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Bearded Dragon
Home: Bavaria, Germany
   This is my boy Toshiro. He is my oldest Bearded Dragon, and he's very gentle to me and my family. His nickname is Toshi. He doesn't like strangers much. He doesn't hurt them, but the first time he sees them he Kind of starts to hiss. After a few times meeting them, hes also gentle to them. When he's given a treat, he sometimes starts to walk in circles pretty fast, waiting for another one.

     He was my first Bearded Dragon with another one, Kenpachi, but Kenpachi died so I bought a new one called Komamura, who is now around one year old. I decided to get Toshiro because I love all kinds of reptiles, and my mom wouldn't allow me to get a snake, so we decided on a Bearded Dragon. We got him from a pet shop in our neighborhood because we knew there were Bearded Dragons there (I got my gerbils there too!). He likes to get stroked on his chin and he also likes eating apples and carrots. I really love him and he's an important part of the family.

Toshiro the Bearded Dragon, the Pet of the Day
Toshiro the Bearded Dragon, the Pet of the Day

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