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Philly the Brumby, the Pet of the Day
Name: Philly
Age: Five - Six years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Brumby
Home: Far North Queensland, Australia
   This is Philedelphia, Philly for short. She is my mirror image, she means the world to me. I only see her twice a week but every time I do, all the stress that builds up while I'm not with her disappears. I feel happy and, well, alive. She is a Brumby, which is a breed of feral horses in Australia. I met her when I still had my first horse, and I planned to get her, too. She was the only other horse I fell in love with other than my first horse, but he has since passed away. Philly got me through the depression of that experience and, with the help of my friend, she was trained and broken in, now I can ride her :) When I first got her, she was already pregnant, so we worked on other training and waited until after she foaled to start riding.

   We both enjoy jumping and galloping, those are the times I don't have to hold her back. Seeing as she's fit and all, when we go for trail rides everything turns into a race and she acts like a race horse! She'll be prancing everywhere, particularly when another horse is in front of her, she is playing up, haha!

   I don't do shows with her, mainly because of the Hendra Vaccinations law. I don't plan on getting her vaccinated, particularly because of the expense and the risks involved, but hopefully one day I can do shows on her :) or at least Gymkhanas.

   I ride English with her, but throw in some lazy riding too, being proper all the time gets a bit boring. (This doesn't mean I have horrible back position though, that's always straight). Philly is the kind of horse not many people can deal with, she is, basically, a pain to catch, is a stubborn one (so am I, but I love her for it!), is a sook but also loving and she puts me back into line when I go too far.

   I have jumped her just below proper barrel height with a saddle and slightly lower bareback (first try I forgot my knees, haha, lost balance and then got bucked off. She knew and took advantage of it, but I got on and jumped it another like 5 times just to reinforce we could do it properly in both our minds. We also ride tackless, usually with a neck rope but I have had one good completely tackless session on her too! Philly is just amazing! You can see some videos of her here (warning, some strong language).

Philly the Brumby, the Pet of the Day
Philly the Brumby, the Pet of the Day
Philly the Brumby, the Pet of the Day
Philly the Brumby, the Pet of the Day

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