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Tiffin the Netherland Dwarf Bunny, the Pet of the Day
Name: Tiffin
Age: Six months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Netherland Dwarf Bunny
Home: England, United Kingdom
   My Tiffin is so special to me, even though I've only had him since December. I am very attached to him! I found him in a pet store two days after I lost my previous bunny, which left me heart broken. I knew I wanted, needed, another bunny and he was there the only Netherland Dwarf there amongst other breeds I couldn't reserve him, so I rang my mum to come with the carrying case as I needed it to bring him home in! So she left for the pet shop and arrived with a case. I wasn't prepared to leave the pet shop without Tiffin - I just knew he was the one for me, he was so incredibly cute!

    During the few months he's been here he as picked up a couple of nicknames; I call him Prince as he's like a spoilt little boy that has inherited a whole kingdom left from my previous bunny. I also call him Vampire, when he's being nippy as when he bites he always seems to go for veins!

    Tiffin was quite troublesome at first, destroying things and biting all the time. But he has calmed down a lot and gotten used to living here, his permanent home. He still can't be trusted with my two guinea pigs though, as he has no respect for his elders there. He doesn't bite as much, he growls every day but I'm used to that!

Tiffin plays outside in the garden every day and comes inside to play if the weather is bad so he has best of both worlds. Every night he sits with me on the sofa and watches TV with me, we wind down together for the night which is lovely.     

He is my gorgeous prince and I don't know what I'd do without him now!

Tiffin the Netherland Dwarf Bunny, the Pet of the Day
Tiffin the Netherland Dwarf Bunny, the Pet of the Day
Tiffin the Netherland Dwarf Bunny, the Pet of the Day

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