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See Crickets the Cockatiel, the Pet of the Day
Name: Crickets
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Cockatiel
Home: Brigham City, Utah, USA
   Crickets is our own personal little home-brightener! With his constant tweeting (the old-fashioned way, sorry Twitter!), and his never-ending wake-up calls, he's our favorite little cricket! How he got his name is a funny story. We used to have frogs that we would feed crickets to when we got him. We usually got the medium-sized ones, which wouldn't make much, if any noise. Well one day, we decided to get the large ones. They, one the other hand, make much more noise than the medium ones. They would wake us up in the middle of the night with their chirping, being so annoying. Then one morning, I woke up to a slightly different cricket noise. It turned out it was "crickets" - the bird about to be named "Crickets" because of that cute quality of his.

      He also has learned to say other fun things, such as "Pretty bird" and "Rachel, wake up." He doesn't actually say them, like a parrot, but you can tell that he's saying them in his own little voice. It's funny, because he always exaggerates the strong letters in the words, like "t" in "Pretty bird", and "ch" and "k" in "Rachel, wake up". What makes Crickets, well, Crickets are his fun imitating noises. He'll knock on his cage with his beak when he hears knocking, trying to get the exact tone from the knock that he heard. Also, whenever he hears the whistling text tone from an Apple product, before it's even done whistling, he'll imitate and finish it. He also likes to unexpectedly fly and land on people's heads when they aren't paying attention!! Crickets is so fun, and we love him sooo much!!!

      Now, don't think that Crickets is a total sweetie pie, because when he wants, he can have quite an attitude. When we first got him along with his pal, another female Cockatiel bird, we taught him to climb on our finger when we hold it out to him. He was great until his little friend died of unknown causes. He started to get ornery, and now sometimes when we put our finger out to him, he'll try to bite us. Don't get the wrong idea that he's all-out mean, he just has an attitude. We haven't had the time to get him a new pal, but we may consider it some day. Crickets is awesome, especially around his favorite person, the cute little 7-year-old girl kissing him in the picture. He loves getting kisses on his beak from her, and it almost seems like she's the Cricket whisperer!! He'll just sit there with her chattering away gibberish, and she pretends to listen. It's so cute.

     We love Crickets, and he's our little sweetie pie from top-knot to toe.

See Crickets the Cockatiel, the Pet of the Day
See Crickets the Cockatiel, the Pet of the Day

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