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Mrs. Brighton, the Pet of the Day
Name: Mrs. Brighton
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Rex Rabbit
Home: Huntsville, Alabama, USA
   Hi, I'm Mrs. Brighton, and what makes me special is that I am the Education Bunny for a rabbit rescue group called Huntsville Friends of Rabbits! I help them teach people about rabbit behavior and care. I was found wandering loose in a trailer park by some nice ladies who called Huntsville Friends of Rabbits about me. Of course they took me in, and got me a thorough vet check up.

    Although I was in pretty good shape they discovered I had a thyroid problem which makes me quite hyperactive! It doesn't bother me at all, but it does need to be monitored. So it was decided that, since I was also a very friendly and outgoing girl, I should stay at the rescue and help them educate people about bunnies instead of being adopted out. This made me very happy - I love my rescue group! And I get to go to fun places and meet nice people. I even met a police offer once! He arrested me for being indecently cute in public - but then he let me go for good behavior!!

    When I'm not helping teach people about rabbits, I love to dress up in silly clothes (most bunnies don't like this but I do!)and I love playing with my toys and exploring. I live in a big three story bunny condo! I need lots of room to run around! I would like to take this opportunity to tell people that if they are thinking about getting a bunny for Easter, they should do lots of research. Bunnies may be very cute, but they are complicated and expensive, too. And not all bunnies are as friendly and outgoing as I am. Most are very shy and don't do well with children. In fact, some bunnies even bite when they are afraid.

    Rabbits can also live for ten to twelve years, and require vet care just like cats and dogs. So please think twice about getting an Easter bunny for a child. Instead, you can feast your eyes on me - and buy your child a toy bunny instead!!

Mrs. Brighton, the Pet of the Day
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Mrs. Brighton, the Pet of the Day
Mrs. Brighton, the Pet of the Day
Mrs. Brighton, the Pet of the Day

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