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Indian Summer, the Pet of the Day
Name: Indian Summer
Age: Ten years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Quarter Horse
Home: Grünstadt, Germany
   This is my Quarter Horse mare, her name is Indian Summer. Her coloring is special, I've never seen such a light chestnut before in a quarter horse, and she has also a metallic shimmer in the sunlight. But that not is all that makes her so very special to me! She loves people, and is not skittish or shy around them like some horses. She is also very intelligent and eager to learn every silly thing you can imagine. And, as you can tell, she is very photogenic, I think she even poses sometimes for me when she sees the camera! I love her, she is the horse of my life!

    I call her "Summy" and she lives in a little herd of four mares throughout the year on a pasture five minutes away from me. When she sees my car coming, she gallops to the gate and welcomes me. Then we take a ride or do some ground work, but it's never work, itŐs fun for her. She loves learning circus lessons, enjoys every kind of activity and always wants full attention. She is really a fantastic friend and enlightens my day!

Indian Summer, the Pet of the Day
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Indian Summer, the Pet of the Day
Indian Summer, the Pet of the Day
Indian Summer, the Pet of the Day

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