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Neopolitan, the Pet of the Day
Name: Neopolitan
Age: Six months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Short-Hair Syrian Hamster
Home: Tennessee, USA
   His name is Neopolitan - but we call him Paul for short. I've had many hamsters before, so I know that Paul is very unique. While he loves the typical hamster things like sleeping all day and running on his wheel all night, he's a very bold creature. The first time I saw him being picked up by a pet store employee, he completely accepted being held. The few times he's met my dog while in his exercise ball, he chased her around the room. Paul fears no creature.

    At first, he ignored the cage door opening whenever I went to change anything about his cage. He showed no fear of me or any loud sounds I made, unlike most hamsters, as hamsters are very jumpy creatures. Eventually, it got to the point where he'd instantly run to the cage door the second it opened to snatch a papaya treat from my hand. If I placed his exercise ball in his cage, he'd instantly run to climb into it because he loves running around outside of the cage.

    I've never seen a hamster so willing to accept human interaction. He loves being held, unlike most hamsters I've come across. He never bites or makes distressed sounds. He doesn't try to jump out of your hand. He just lets you pet him and hold him.

    Paul is perhaps the sweetest, smartest hamster I've ever come across (and I've had over five hamsters), and I'm very proud to be his owner.

Neopolitan, the Pet of the Day

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