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Pet of the Day
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Chico, the Pet of the Day
Name: Chico
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Kind: Red Sided Eclectus Parrot
Home: Mission Viejo, California, USA
   Parrots are entertaining, brightly colored, unique, and intelligent. They are capable of speech and flight. They are also loud, messy, independent, bratty little biters. Chico is my special companion (not pet) because he is all of the former and so much more, yet none of the latter. He has a natural squawk which he uses to call to his small flock of humans. He has an even louder more urgent squawk which he uses to sound an alert. Chico has taken on the responsibility of providing flock security. His moments of alarm are few and reasonable. Most birds generate a fine feather dust. The Eclectus does not. This species has been called hypoallergenic for this reason. He is happiest when perched on my shoulder and has learned to wait for his potty break. Chico has never bitten me in anger. We are starting our third year together. There is a trust between us both have earned and neither has broken. Chico's age is not known because he is a rescue. His former parront could no longer care for his needs adequately. My daughters will take over his care when I am gone. My desire is for Chico to never have to search for his next "Forever Home."

Chico, the Pet of the Day
Chico, the Pet of the Day

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